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White labeled PPC services for Agencies

Are you a web development, traditional media or marketing agency?

If you’d like to relieve yourself of PPC related problems, look no further…

Meet your undercover advertising expert.

I work undercover for small and medium agencies who either don’t want to hire internally, or have a junior employee in place, but with no expert oversight.

Whatever your situation, we can work together to ensure your clients are getting the best results for their ad spend, and you are making a healthy margin on your services.

Use Cases

Web Agency

Web Agencies

My web agency clients usually do not want to get involved with PPC advertising (or any other marketing for that matter) as it is not their core discipline, yet still want to offer a full service to their clients.

This is where I come in…

I can provide you with a full menu of services you can offer on a white-label basis, train you on how to sell them, and how to price them so its worth your while.

This allows you to:

  • offer a full service to your clients, creating goodwill and loyalty.
  • add an additional revenue stream to your web agency.
  • and do so without any additional staff or technology resource.

Media Agencies

Are you currently selling TV, Radio and Press spots to your established client base?

Are you looking for the smoothest transition path to sell new media ads and sponsorships?

Look no further…

I’ve worked with a number of traditional media agencies and consultants who have established themselves in traditional media, but are feeling the pinch from budgets being moved online.

You don’t have to sit back and let it happen.

I can work with you to recruit and train executives, then sell online ad spots to your existing client base. I could handle your initial clients personally, while developing the department internally, then provide oversight for as long as you need it once established.

Media Agency
SEO Agency

(Inbound/SEO) Marketing Agencies

I get it. PPC is the antithesis to your inbound modal, or at best, a minor part.

You sell on the fact that SEO is the ‘gift that keeps on giving’ and is ‘cheaper in the long run than ppc’

I get it.

The biggest problem I see with SEO agencies that I work with, is client retention.

The #1 reason clients leave is because they didn’t buy-in to the long-term inbound modal that you sell.

PPC is your opportunity to generate quick results for your clients, while the SEO juice is building up with Dr Evil Google and also offers and additional, hands-off, revenue stream for you.


How it works

There are a number of ways I interact with clients.

  • Complete White Label – The simplest way. I am in touch with a single point of contact in your agency and take instruction from them for all of your clients’ ppc projects. You will retain me for a pre-determined amount of days each month, and you will receive white labeled reports from me to pass on to your clients at the end of each month. Simple!
  • Semi-White Label – In this case, I act as if I am a team member in your agency. You will provide me with a company email address and I will interact with your clients directly and provide white labeled reports to them. I work with an account manager in your agency to discuss projects and clients. Just like the white-label, you will retain me for a pre-determined number of days each month.
  • Transparent – I this case I will deal with your clients directly, with no white-label features. I can either contract with them or you, its entirely your choice. You would opt for this if you didn’t want to use any internal resource at all and instead just wanted to make a margin on my rates.

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