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What are the Advantages of Open Source Software

Is open source software all it's cracked up to be? What are the advantages of open source software? Is closed source a better option? We'll debate that here. 78% of companies are now running at least part of their operations on open source and 66% are creating client software on open source. As companies look for [...]

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Think Your Cyber Security is Good? You’re Wrong.

2 Hours. That's all it took before the attacks started. Last week I was on a training course.  I was learning about command line and linux. One of the tutors was from a cyber security company called Secarma. Who, amongst other things, do penetration testing and "red teaming" for companies who care about having secure [...]

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You’re a sitting duck waiting to be hacked and scammed

So the issue with cyber security, is that most people don't know much about it. They also don't care and adopt an "it'll never happen to me" attitude. This is what give attackers an easy ride. Banks and some software providers do now enforce that you use strong passwords. The thing is, an attacker isn't [...]

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