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Use Facebook ads for entrepreneurs to grow your business in a way that is fast, easy, and effective.

As of October 18, 2017, there are over 2.1 billion people on Facebook with 1.15 billion of those being daily users.

The potential to create traffic and revenue through Facebook is obviously therefore incredibly large and definitely not something to be overlooked.

For more on why you should be using Facebook ads for entrepreneurs, read on:

Ads are Great for Building your Brand

In today’s overly-saturated online marketplace using Facebook ads for entrepreneurs can be one of the best ways to build your brand’s presence online.

The likelihood of you organically reaching your target audience without the use of ads and post promotion is slim.

Paid social media advertising, on Facebook, in particular, has almost become a necessity in order to reach a large number of users.

Here are some tips to build your brand and find the most success in utilizing Facebook ads for entrepreneurs:

Boost Succesful Posts

It may be tempting to pay to have your posts that aren’t performing well boosted, but don’t. Your best bet for driving traffic is to boost your posts that have already done well.

It’s understandable that you would want to push a post in hopes of it gaining interest, but if it has proven to have a short reach organically it is unlikely that boosting it will do much good.

The logic here is fairly simple: use what works, don’t push what doesn’t.

Posts that have already proven to do well will do the most work for your brand when they’re exposed to more users via Facebook ads for entrepreneurs.

Quality Over Quantity

When you first begin to use social media as a marketing tool it can be challenging to know where to start.

First, do your research and pinpoint your audience and what they want to see. This may result in a few different demographics that you’ll have to cater to, but that’s okay. As we’ll discuss in a bit, you should have different posts that will target different parts of your target audience anyway.

After you’ve done that, you should then work toward creating a posting schedule utilizing quality content.

Over time you’ll be able to analyze your posts and check metrics. You should be checking for things like engagement and the demographic each post is reaching. Then, use this information to tailor your posts to be more of what your audience wants to see.

Having content that your target audience actually wants to have on their feed is one of the biggest keys to bringing in and retaining clients.

Target Mobile and Desktop Users Separately

The mindset that a mobile user has is going to be significantly different than the mindset that a desktop user may have.

Targeting mobile users is most successful when you’re pushing e-commerce of some sort using Facebook ads for entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to bring in potential clients to a webinar or info session about your brand, then desktop users will do you best.

Focus on Singular Interests

Similarly to targeting different platform users, you should target one singular interest per post or ad.

The purpose of this is so that you can see what works and what doesn’t when you’re using Facebook ads for entrepreneurs.

If your ad targets people from 6 different interests and it only kind of works, you’ll have no way of knowing what hindered full success.

Find your niche and target your audience within that niche. Only assign one interest per ad so that identifying what works and using that information in promoting growth is easy.

Ads Drive Traffic and Conversion

The purpose of your Facebook ads for entrepreneurs should not be about gaining more followers on your Facebook page. Rather, your goal should be sending new and returning clients to your business website.

Ads that follow through to a landing page with your product on it will drive your traffic. If your landing page does its job, ads will also drive conversion.

If you have a less traditional product and you run a site that makes money from traffic, the click-throughs alone will be enough to help you see your website turn a profit thanks to ads.

The awesome thing about Facebook ads is that because of the immense amount of data that they have on everyone, Facebook is able to target people who have engaged with other ads. This means the people you are paying to have your ads pushed to are also the people who are more likely to interact with it.

You Can Target your Audience

Another awesome feature that Facebook ads for entrepreneurs offer is that they can directly target your intended audience.

With access to information ranging from basic demographics like gender, age, and location to the individual’s viewing and shopping habits and their likes and interests.

By using this information gold mine to your benefit, you can target very specific audiences for your posts and ads.

Start With Your Fans

In using Facebook ads to grow your business, the people who are most likely to buy your product are the people who already know you.

You should be promoting to your own fan-base first and then expanding your reach beyond that.

Your fan-base may include a few key target demographics, and you should analyze each product ad so that it’s pushed to the right piece of your audience.

Utilize Re-Marketing

One of the most useful features Facebook ads offer is remarketing.

Remarketing software is able to re-target people who have already shown interest in your brand.

Essentially, Facebook is able to specifically target users who have recently viewed a product or site and then push an ad featuring that product or site to the user.

Remarketing also works for users who have recently used your mobile app or given you their email address.

Remarketing is such a powerful tool because the likelihood of them interacting with the ad the second time is high.

By utilizing re-marketing you can boost your engagement by up to 3 times the traffic and double your conversion.

Ads are a Conversation Starter

You can now combine your e-commerce efforts into your conversations with your clients that are already happening.

This concept is conversation commerce and is a way to integrate your ads into messaging apps.

Online shopping is even easier now that it has been in the recent past with the ability to make purchases being put directly into messaging apps. With this new technology, there’s no need for a client to ever click away from where they already are to make a purchase.

How it Works

The way that conversational commerce works is by pushing an ad into a customer’s messages. This works for any customer who has already had a conversation with your business page.

This works in the same mindset that re-marketing does, except that by putting your ad directly into a message you are increasing the likelihood that your ad is seen and interacted with.

If your ad is shown within a Facebook Messenger it is going to have far less competition to catch the attention of your audience.

Why it Works

Now more than ever customers are taking to social media to reach out to businesses.

Rather than pick up a phone and call today’s buyers are much more likely to slide into the DM’s and send a quick message to ask their questions or get customer support.

Slowly but surely brands have started to realize the value of this and take advantage of it, and you should make sure you’re in on it as well.

Increase Your Conversations

To see the number of conversations that are being started with your businesses page, you need to add a call to action to your regular Facebook ads.

If you are specifically targeting conversations, you can utilize the “Send Message” call to action tool that will encourage your ad viewers to engage in your posts in that manner.

When they click the call to action it will automatically open a messenger page that will start a dialogue without any hassle on their end.

There’s a High ROI Value

The ROI Value on Facebook ads for entrepreneurs is incredibly high.

You can invest as little as $5 into your Facebook ads and see an increased reach of up to a 1,000 new people that otherwise wouldn’t have seen your posts.

If you use your knowledge of your audience and target your ads properly, then your click-through rate should be high. You should also see your conversation and traffic increase with even the smallest investment.

The old adage of “you have to spend money to make money” is true here, but luckily your profit margins when using Facebook ads can be incredibly high.

Take Advantage of Facebook Ads for Entrepreneurs

If you’re an entrepreneur that isn’t taking advantage of Facebook ads then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for growth.

By using this information to your advantage, you should begin seeing results in traffic and conversation.

Comment below and let us know how you plan on implementing ads to help your business grow!