Spotify Ads from Carlos Real Consultancy

I’m delighted to announce that we have just been approved as a Beta user of the new self-serve Spotify Ad Studio! This means we are amongst the first agencies in the world who can offer Spotify Ads to our clients.

So what are Spotify Ads?

If you haven’t heard of it Spotify is the worlds largest music streaming service. It boasts over 100,000,000 listeners worldwide. The service makes its money by paid subscriptions, which give the user ad-free music, but also has a free tier, which is monetised through 15 and 30-second ads.

You can now target ads to specific Spotify listener groups by location, gender, music genre, playlist category and device type.

For example, you could target men, living in London who are listening to indie-rock music and use an android phone. This targeting allows you to use a different creative to different groups of listeners. In the example above, you might, for example, use a rock bed (a bed is the background music that the voice is played over) in your ad creative. Or you may decide to use a woman with a sexy sounding voice to do the voiceover when targeting men, and the opposite when targeting women (sadly we can’t target by sexual orientation…before someone complains).


How much do Spotify Ads cost?

The best part is that you only pay when an ad is played. The price is determined by how narrow of an audience you target and starts from £0.01 (yep 1p) per ad play. For comparison terms, this is a CPM of £10.00, so a bit dearer than average Facebook CPM’s currently.

The minimum budget is £250 and one day is the minimum campaign duration. I’d recommend a budget of at least £1000 per campaign, in order to give it a fair chance to get enough ad plays over a month time period. We can easily tell you how much of your potential audience you can reach for your budget, just ask.


If you’d like to be on the forefront of modern marketing, get in touch with us and we will plan, build and execute your Spotify Ads campaign, handling the creative, placement and reporting 🙂