If this is your first time stumbling across me, here’s the basics about me and what I do…

  1. I’m called Carlos Real, some of my friends call me Raul.
  2. No, I’m not Spanish, but there is some in the family.
  3. I am lucky to have a girlfriend who has put up with me for a long time.
  4. I’m from Bury, which is 7 miles north of Manchester, UK.
  5. I have an interest in and write about, marketing, technology, finance and a few other things.
  6. I am not religious.
  7. I enjoy cooking and Rainbow Six Siege, but not at the same time.
  8. I consume Tim Ferriss, James Altucher and Gary Vaynerchuk for my business, tech, marketing and general knowledge.
  9. I occasionally play poker.
  10. I like hot/spicy food.
  11. I didn’t go to university. I went to work instead.
  12. I presented a season of the Business Show on Salford City Radio, in Manchester.
  13. I know my way around a server and have a pretty solid technical aptitude.
  14. I’ve just noticed that all-but-one of these items start with “I”.
  15. I read quite a lot. (actually, I don’t, I listen to audiobooks on audible instead because its difficult to read a book while driving)
  16. My Instagram handle is @carlosjreal
  17. I’m not into sports.
  18. I’m a business and marketing mentor at Tech-Manchester

That is about it. Anything else of note will be added over time.